Welcome to the Steinbach Research Group

We conduct collaborative and interdisciplinary research at the crossroad between applied economics and data science. We study issues involving agribusinesses, international trade and policy, health, and the environment.


Please explore our publications and projects to learn more about our research activities.

Selected Recent Publications

Agricultural Commodity Markets in the Wake of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, with Raghav Goyal, Economics Letters [Paper]

Dollar Store Expansion and Independent Grocery Retailer Contraction, with Rigoberto Lopez and Keenan Marchesi, Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy [Paper]

The Impact of Maritime Shipping Disruptions on U.S. Tree Nut Exports and Inventories, with Xiting Zhuang, Agribusiness [Paper]

The Russia-Ukraine War and Global Trade Reallocations, Economics Letters [Paper]

Highlighted Working Papers

Determinants of PTA Design: Insights from Machine Learning, with Stepan Gordeev [Paper]

The Impact of Retaliatory Tariffs on Agricultural and Food Trade, with Colin A. Carter, NBER Working Paper [Paper]

Pre-Trends and Trade Effects of Temporary Trade Barriers, with Armen Khederlarian, FREIT Working Paper [Paper]

Deep Trade Agreements and Agri-Food Global Value Chain Integration, with Dongin Kim and Carlos Zurita [Paper]


IATRC Annual Meeting (December 2023)

Dr. Steinbach is co-organizing the annual meeting of the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium (IATRC) in Clearwater Beach, FL. Learn More.

New Outreach Publication (September 2023)

A new outreach paper with Colin A. Carter on the commodity market implications of the Russia-Ukraine war was published in the ARE Update. Learn More.

Refereed Publication (August 2023)

A paper with Xiting Zhuang on the impact of the commodity container assistance program was published in Applied Economic Perspectives & Policy. Learn More.

NIFA Award (June 2023)

Dr. Steinbach received a NIFA award with collaborators from the University of Tennessee and Louisiana State University to study the implications of the Russia-Ukraine war.  Learn More.