Sandro Steinbach

Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

Research Affiliate, Yale University

Ph.D. Economics, ETH Zurich 2018 

Research Highlights


Counterfactual Impact Evaluation of Trade Wars

How do trade wars affect the United States and its foreign trading partners? How can empirical evidence be integrated into decision-making processes? 


-> Machine learning techniques

-> Counterfactual construction methods

-> Impact evaluation models 

Environmental Trade Standards and Global Waste Trade

How do environmental trade standards affect global waste trade? What are the implications of recent changes in trade standards of developing countries?


-> Product-level analysis

-> Trade destruction and deflection

-> Counterfactual evaluation

Bilateral Investment Treaties and Foreign Direct Investment

How do investment treaties affect brownfield and greenfield foreign direct investment activities? What role do environmental standards play?


-> Big data methods

-> Gravity-type regression models

-> Welfare calculation