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Welcome to the Steinbach Research Group at North Dakota State University.

The Steinbach research group conducts collaborative and interdisciplinary research at the crossroad between applied economics and data science. We study issues involving agribusinesses, international trade and policy, and the environment.

  1. We use modern statistical methods and big economic data to investigate the drivers and assess the domestic and foreign consequences of international trade and investment. Our thorough research provides policymakers and companies with new insights into highly relevant global trade and investment policy issues.

  2. We use advanced economic models and establishment-level business information to study the conduct and performance of firms operating in the agricultural and food industry.

  3. We work on questions related to environmental pollutants, human and animal health, and invasive species. Our research uses causal inference methods to assess the impact of environmental contaminants such as air pollution, pesticides, plant pollen, and wildfires on human well-being. We use novel data and innovative statistical techniques to investigate the mental health crisis's causes and (unintended) side effects. We also work on questions related to the management of animal diseases and public health.

Please explore the publication and project pages to learn more about our research.


February 2023

Dr. Steinbach published a new research article on the global trade implications of the Russia-Ukraine war in Agribusiness.

January 2023

Steinbach Research Group receives two new research awards from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

January 2023

Two research papers by Dr. Steinbach were presented at the 2023 ASSA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

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