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Offered in Fall  
Every Odd Year
(Undergraduate, BS)

Agricultural Policy and Trade (AGEC 476)

Analysis of international trade and trade policy focusing on agricultural and food markets. Covers trade-related issues concerning economic development and growth. Focus on current challenges to the multilateral trading system and provides the theoretical foundation for understanding the economic importance of firms, international trade, and global capital flows. Introduction of methods and tools for counterfactual evaluation of trade policies. Use of statistical modeling techniques to analyze trade patterns and measure trade policy effects.

Offered in Fall
Every Even Year
(Graduate, PhD)

Empirical International Trade and Investment (AGEC 695)

Empirical aspects of international trade, foreign investment, and the environment. Issues related to testing various trade models. Selected topics include testing trade models, gravity models, linkages between openness and growth, trade orientation and firm performance, trade patterns, trade and the environment, and labor markets and trade. Emerging topics in international economics with a focus on empirical applications. Use of advanced statistical modeling and data visualization techniques.

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