Published Work

April 2020

NBER Working Paper

The Impact of Retaliatory Tariffs on Agricultural and Food Trade

Jointly with Colin A. Carter

August 2019

European Journal of Health Economics

The impact of ambient air pollution on hospital admissions

Jointly with Massimo Filippini and Giuliano Masiero

June 2018

NBER Working Paper

Trade diversion and the initiation effect: A case study of U.S. trade remedies in agriculture

Jointly with Colin A. Carter

April 2020

Nature Communications

March 2019

IdEP Economic Papers

The effect of local growth in antidepressant consumption on mental health outcomes

Jointly with Giuliano Masiero, Fabrizio Mazzonna and Olaf Verbeek

February 2020

ARE Update

September 2018

Economics Letters

Short-term effects of India’s demonetization on the rural poor

Jointly with Heng Zhu, Anubhab Gupta and Binoy Majumder